Phases of Building a Pool

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Building a swimming pool is done in different phases. Some of these phases such as the excavation and shotcrete will make dramatic changes to what is visibly complete, while other stages sometimes go practically unknown. This guide will show you each stage of construction of your swimming pool and/or spa so that you understand what is going on at any point. Please note that some of the stages may not apply to your swimming pool due to different options and choices about the type of pool that is being built.

Our goal is to make sure you understand the process so that there aren't any surprises during construction. If you have any question during the construction phase of your pool, please feel free to contact us or speak with your superintendant.

Swimming Pool Construction Phases

  • Plan, Design & Visualize

    This is the phase where you meet with a designer and they come up with a pool design. Once you approve the design, your designer will coordinate with our construction team so that permits can be obtained from the city and construction can begin.

  • Layout

    Swimming pool precisely laid out to scale using marking paint and pins.

    Once the permits are obtained, your superintendant will come out and mark off the pool area for the excavators. You will now be able to see how the pool will fit into your yard. Also during this phase, your utility companies may come by to verify that services don't interfere with the pool construction.

  • Excavation

    Excavation of swimming pool using laser level to precisely determine depth.

    The first big change will be when the excavators dig your pool. The access to your yard and the hardness of the soil will determine the size of the excavators.

  • Pool Equipment

    Swimming pool filter and dual pumps, one for general clean and one for water features.

    The major pool equipment will be installed during this phase. An equipment pad will be set and the pump or pumps, filter and other items will be connected.

  • Plumbing

    Intricate plumbing for a swimming pool and spa

    All of the piping that will be set into the pool and the lines will be connected to the equipment. The lines will be pressure tested to assure there are no leaks in the system.

  • Steel Structure

    Close up of steel rebar support.

    A steel rebar cage will be placed in the pool. This is the framework that will give the strength to the pool shell.

  • Electrical

    Bonding the pool.

    Electrical sub panels will be installed and the equipment will be hooked up. Lights and other fixtures will be connected and the pool will be bonded.

  • Shotcrete Shell

    Shotcrete being sprayed at high velocity.

    High pressure concrete called shotcrete will be sprayed into the pool. The crews will form the shell and you will now be able to see the exact shape of the pool.

  • Water Features

    Sheer descent in stone veneer wall.

    If you have extra water features such as fountain or waterfalls, these will start to take shape now that the shotcrete is completed.

  • Waterline Tile

  • Coping and Deck

  • Clean Up

  • Barrier Code

  • Interior Finish

  • Filling and Start Up

New Construction

Pool Construcion

We are a licensed pool builder in Arizona from beginning to end. Copper Leaf Pools will guide you through the new pool and spa construction process.More info...

Pool Remodel

Pool Remodel

As a complete swimming pool builder, we are capable of pool remodels as well from simple pool equipment replacement to complete interior re-surfacing and deck replacement. Our skilled crews know how to get the job done.More info...

Service & Repair

Service and Repair

Copper Leaf Pools is not only a pool builder, we also perform a number of services and repairs to existing pools. Whether you pool decking needs to be refinished, pool equipment is outdated or needs repairing, or your just tired of looking at discolored plaster, we can do it.More info...

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